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Participant Area

The participant area gives you access to the survey result submission forms, the survey reports, documents and the subscription form.
Within the participants area, you can choose the required action as result submission or downloading a required report.
To access the participants area, you have to login below.

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Complaints regarding the survey reports should be reported to the ECAT within 6 weeks of the release date. Complaints received after this period will not be processed anymore.

New reports available: Complaints before:
2023-S8 Screen March 18th, 2024
2023-MIX4 APPT/MIX March 13th, 2024
2023-P4 March 13th, 2024
2023-H4 Haemophilia March 5th, 2024
2023-A4 Anticoagulation  March 5th, 2024
2023-L4 Lupus  March 5th, 2024
2023-T4 Thromboelastography March 5th, 2024
2023-M4 Main March 5th, 2024



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